What You Need To Know About Stone Shelves

Stone ShelvesStone shelves are an elegant and sturdy alternative to wood shelves. They will give any room a very sophisticated look and they are perfect for any entryway, bathrooms kitchens and even living rooms. They are versatile and will last a long time. This material is also perfect for window sills.

Advantages Of Stone Shelves

Stone shelves will add a timeless elegance to any room. These type of shelving is highly durable and once installed it will last several years. Stone does not scratch easily. Since these shelves are perfectly flat, they are very easy to clean. Most stone materials are also non- porous. Heat and/or humidity will not affect the stone. Shelves made from stone, unlike wood shelves, do not expand or contract.  Moisture can cause wood shelves to crack, bow, or, in the most extreme cases, to rot. Water won’t damage shelves that have been manufactured from stone.

There Are So Many Options

You have so many options to choose from when it comes to picking out a material for your stone shelves. Pick the right stone that matches your home decor. Whether you choose a natural stone such as marble or onyx, or a quarzite to have your shelves made, these shelves can come in all kinds of colors and textures. Carr Stone & Tile is your best local resource for quality stone products.

Carr Stone & Tile

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