Stone fabrication is an art! Like all artistic endeavors, it takes training to become a master fabricator. There are professional training programs around the country where skills can be sharpened and honed, however, most fabricators initially receive on the job training. One of the most important skills to develop is mastering the tools of the trade: saws, polishers, and routers. Whereas the saw is used to cut blocks of natural stone into manageable slabs, the polisher is used to polish the surface of the slabs to the desired sheen the customer orders. Routers are used to shape the stone’s edges and lend artistry to the process.

When retrofitting stone in an older home, after a home has settled in place, angles are not perfectly square. A seasoned stone fabricator knows how to shape and fit the slabs of stone for the best fit. When the stone is ready for the installation process to begin, an examination of the foundation that the stone will be mounted to is level. Shimming underneath the baseboard of cabinets or constructing a strong, level surface for the stone or tile may be required.  If the surface is not level, the stone can crack so this is an important step that cannot be ignored. The stone slab will then be placed on the supporting structurstone fabricatore and the slab’s edges will be adjusted to create a snug and level fit. Then the slab will be joined to the cabinet or supporting structure. The seams will be joined with a color matching epoxy and sealed for a beautiful finish.

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