Marble countertops are stunning and come a variety of unique colors. People use marble slabs and tile in bathrooms, floors, kitchens and bars. But, like with any finish that you are going to put in your home, it is important to make sure that it will work well for your life style. Marble is a softer stone compared to granite and it is not the most durable. This is one of the reasons which led to cultured marble. But, what is “cultured marble?”

what is "cultured marble"?If you want the beauty of marble combined with durability, cultured marble may be a good alternative to consider.

How is cultured marble made?

Cultured marble is made through a process that starts with creating a mold of your counter and then adding thermoplastic resin and crushed stone into it. The precast mold is custom sized and shaped to fit your kitchen or bathroom counter perfectly. The mixture of resin and stone are pressed together with an extremely high pressure inside this mold. It is then allowed to dry and forms into a dense, hard material that is much stronger. The final product is less porous. One of the complaints about cultured marble is that it does not look exactly like marble, make sure you find a quality cultured marble design and style that you do like the final look of for your home or business.

Great solution for bathrooms.

To start with, you can choose a gloss or a matte finish. These options are great depending on what style you are going for. Cultured marble is great for bathrooms because the surface resists stains and mildew. In wet bathrooms, this may be a great solutions for everyday cleaning maintenance.


The price makes it a great alternative.

If you like the look of a beautiful marble slab, but are not comfortable with the price tag, consider cultured marble. The price for cultured stone falls in-between the amount you’d have to pay for a laminate surface and the price of granite. For this reason, it’s an attractive option that doesn’t come with a scary price tag.

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