Cutting Natural Stone Is An Art

Extra TileThe experts at Carr Stone know how to get the most out of natural stone to give your granite or marble counter tops that unique look.  The process that transforms the stone’s naturally occurring appearance into a unique counter is called stone fabrication; the contractors are called stone fabricators. A stone fabricator provides advice on the best stone, marble or granite for your residential or commercial project. The first part of the stone fabrication process involves templating or measuring the dimensions of the installation to know exactly how much stone is needed for your project. Once this is completed, the type of stone, veins, shading, and color can be considered among the available stone company supplies.

Every Stone Is Different

more beautiful over timeThe density and overall structural integrity is another important part in stone selection and stone fabrication. The quality of the stone quarries and section in the quarry where the stone slab is quarried can impact the strength and durability of the stone. Carr Stone & Tile uses reputable stone company suppliers that have structural test information on stone from the stone quarry origins. The Carr Stone & Tile fabricators are great quality control coordinators that will help to ensure that you are getting a quality stone slab.

Getting The Most Out Of The Stone

marble has veiningCutting the stone to get the best look out of it is one thing,  but our experts also work hard to ensure you get the most out of your slab keeping material waste to a minimum. Stone fabrication includes inspecting  the stone for natural flaws, including blemishes, fissures, seams, and scratches. The slab is then laid out to ensure the best appearance of both color and vein texture. Then, the stone is cut to approximately 1/16 of an inch of its final thickness. Edging and any special scribing will further shape the stone so it fits your needs.  A multi-step process that involves a grit polish is used to smooth the stone surface. And lastly, the stone is washed, dried, and the sealer base coat is applied.

Find The Stone That’s Right For You

 Carr Stone & Tile 

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