Valentine’s Day Kitchen Design Tips

If you choose to stay in for Valentine’s Day to cook your sweetheart a romantic dinner, make sure that your kitchen table is ready for the occasion. There are some simple tricks that can help you spruce up your place for your Valentine’s Day surprise.

Transform Your Kitchen

Nothing creates a romantic atmosphere like candles. Get some tealights and place them on your kitchen counters. Make sure they are not too close to flammable materials like paper towels or napkins. You could also dig up candelabras you have had for a while and stick red taper candles in those.  Again, when lighting them, be careful not to put them too close to flammables items including curtains.

Of course, you will need hearts. You could buy some heart shaped candy, which are easily available this time of year, you could also get some red cardboard and cut some hearts out with scissors. Place those all over the dining table or make a garland you can hang over your table. Furthermore, don’t forget do pick up some red paper napkins for the day.

Some rose petals will also help to add some romance to your ambiance. Red roses or other red flowers could become the centerpiece of your Valentine’s Day dining table.  If you have glass apothecary jars, fill them with red colored candy which you can pick up at the dollar store. Those jars can become part of your centerpiece as well.

If you still have your Christmas tree up, just change the ornaments out to hearts and leave only red light on the tree. Red ribbon either tied into bows or just wrapped around some branches can add a romantic touch to your tree.

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