Tips For Kitchen Designs


  1. Before you begin any new construction or remodeling projects, it is wise to mentally “shop” in magazines and on the internet to pinpoint the finishes you’re drawn to and the overall desired look you want to achieve. It simplifies the process considerably when you meet with your architect, contractor, or designer. Once a budget is established and the plans are solidified, then the actual selection process takes place.
  2. The most efficient workflow layout for the kitchen is referred to as a “triangle”. This triangle is the placement of your kitchen sink in relation to the placement of your cooktop (and ovens) or stove, and refrigerator/freezer. For ease of use and functionality, the microwave would be located above or near your wall ovens, cooktop or stove; your dishwasher would be located adjacent to your sink.
  3. With open concept floor plans, the same flooring generally runs throughout the open space, making the space look larger. The surface you select determines the amount of maintenance required. In a family home, stone or tile floors are more desirable for their hardness and durability. Whereas, wood flooring would require more upkeep because it can absorb stains.
  4. Once your flooring is decided upon, countertops, the backsplash, and the kitchen sink come into play. These elements should compliment your flooring selection and cabinetry.
  5. When selecting cabinetry, focus on the design of the cabinet doors in relation to the layout of your kitchen. Cabinetry now comes equipped with many bells and whistles, distracting you from your main goal of selecting your design, finishes, and hardware.
  6. When selecting appliances, it is generally more prudent to buy the mid-level lines for reliability and efficiency. Refer to consumer guides for the best appliance selections. Also refer to their energy ratings when making comparisons.
  7. There are numerous additions that are desirable to complete your kitchen: a coffee bar, a wine fridge, and a freestanding ice maker for entertaining are a few such examples. These are the splurges!

Our kitchens are the heart of our homes where we gather with family, neighbors, and close friends to break bread and celebrate special moments in our lives!

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