Tile Countertops

Everyone uses Granite or Marble for Kitchen Counters, but have you ever considered Tile Countertops?

Tile Countertops can be a wonderful substitute for the typical granite or marble slab. So, if you are going to be adventurous and DIY it or if you just want something different, check into tile options for countertops.

There are a variety of types of tiles that include ceramic, porcelain and even stone tiles. Typically, these types of tile are adhered in a thinset mortar on a tile backer board and grouted into place. Stone tiles are made of the same material found in marble or granite slabs but are not as costly. The Stone tiles will typically come in 12 by 12 squares but come in a variety of sizes. Ceramic tiles comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Only your imagination will limit you on the breath of choices for ceramic tiles.

There are many advantages to tile countertops. Typically, they have great durability at great prices. Plus, if you have a DIY thumb, you can even install the tile on your own. Tile can stand up to heat and knives (even though a cutting board is still recommended to protect your cutting tools). But, there are some disadvantages too…grout. Cleaning grout can be a pain, so consider using tile that will work well with tight grout joints to reduce this job.

In order to maintain your tile, consider a daily cleanup with warm water and mild soap. Be careful with the grout, especially with cleaners that are acidic or abrasive. Glazed tiles will not need to be sealed, but you may want to consider sealing the grout. Stone tile may require annual resealing and a little more TLC.

If you take care of your tile, it can basically take care of itself. Have fun with your kitchen counter tops and find a tile that will match your personality and your home.