Tile Companies: Big Box versus Specialty Companies

What are the differences between Big Box Tile Companies versus Smaller Specialty Tile Companies?

When you walk into the tile area of Home Depot or Lowe’s, you will see a nice selection of in stock tile and a smaller area of special order tiles. There is nothing wrong with any of the tile selections, you may even find some that you like, but nothing stands out as unique or eye-catching plus you will not get much help with special ordering anything. Big Box Companies purchase tile based upon profit margins and what will be acceptable by the general consuming public. This means that the company will purchase inexpensive and generic tile in bulk or at closeout prices. The positive side to this is that the consumer may not have to pay a lot of money for tile, the bad side is that the tile may not be the quality that the consumer is expecting and lots and lots of other people will purchase the exact same tile for their home. So if you do not care about selection, limited by time, and you found a tile in stock that meets your needs, the Big Box tile company may be a good choice for you.

Smaller specialty tile stores offer what the Big Box Stores cannot: Experience in the industry, knowledge about the various tile product options, tile variety from simple to extravagant, and most importantly the personal customer service. Tile comes in all shapes, styles, and colors and they can be ceramic, glass, metal, porcelain, and all sorts of stone. The options are endless and the decisions can be mind-boggling. But, this is why you would go to a specialty tile company; because the experts will help you to determine what type of tile will work within your budget and your design plan. So if you want selection and are not constrained by a time schedule, a smaller specialty tile company would be the best option.

Your home is a reflection of your personality. Have fun choosing tiles and other finishes that will make your home unique and special for you and your family.