Surprise! You have Travertine

New Orleans homes are filled with all sorts of surprises and typically you find many of them when you decide to do some remodeling. Sometimes you find awful things like termite damage and other times you pull up that yucky old grass green shag carpet to find travertine. Surprise! You have Travertine.

travertine samples

Travertine is a natural stone just like Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Slate but the key differences lie in the formation of the rock, the hardness of the stone and the general appearance. Travertine is formed in limestone caves and hot springs.  The main characteristics differences of Travertine stone compared to other types of stones are the holes within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide evasion. These holes combined with unique color combinations make travertine beautiful and a great option for some home interiors.travertine quarry

Travertine, like most natural stone flooring options, is a very durable and hard material that will stand up well to heavy traffic. Because travertine is capability of withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations,  it can be used in outdoor settings too. Filled and sealed travertine will be essentially water proof and stain proof, but unfilled travertine can absorb things like food spills due to its porosity. Because travertine comes from the limestone family, you should never use an acid or chemical cleaner when caring for the surface.

Travertine has recently seen a resurgence in popularity with designers but it has long held the eye of designers as far back as Michelangelo to Richard Meier. In fact, the famous Roman Colosseum is constructed almost entirely out of travertine. So, now that you have discovered that you have travertine floors below your discarded green shag carpet, you may want to consider restoring it to its formal glory. Carr Stone & Tile craftsman can help you restore your travertine floor and help you make decisions on coordinating items whether it is a counter top, back splash, flooring, or walls. Click here to find out more.