Slate: A Versatile Rock

Outdoor SlateHave you considered using slate for your next renovation project? The material comes in a variety of shades of gray, which is a very popular color right now. The stone also occurs in shades of green, red, black, purple, and brown. The stone is not only versatile and durable, but also elegant and timeless.  Slate is used in the construction industry to make roofing shingles. It is also a popular material for external and internal flooring. You will find floors in outdoor porches, basements, bathrooms and kitchens made from the material. Landscapers like to use it because of its weather-resistant and pollution-resistant properties. Did you know that that the smooth playing surface of a billiard table is also made from quarried slate?

What Is Slate

Slate is a metamorphic rock which means it is a rock that has undergone its transformation due to pressure. This type of stone forms when clay (or mudstone), shale and volcanic ash undergo high pressure. As a result, the material is a fine-grained foliated rock, with a layered texture.

Carr Stone’s Slate Projects

We at Carr Stone have used this material for a variety of projects including flooring in kitchens, hallways, outdoor areas, tiles in showers and bathrooms and as decorative elements on bars. The stone offers many advantages. For example, stone tiles with a riven (split) surface such as slate will be more slip-resistant. At Carr Stone, we offer unparalleled service, quality, and value and the most comprehensive sources for interior and exterior products including, but not limited to slate.

Carr Stone & Tile

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