Should I Hire A Designer?

12633611_421933938012109_6404738451925049849_oStyles have changed in home decor, and you are looking around your home thinking it needs a major facelift. Ideas fill your head and inspiration comes from magazines, television, and the internet. And, then you ask yourself am I comfortable and capably of redesigning my home or….Should I Hire A Designer?

There are a lot of benefits to a designer. But, the most important thing to realize before hiring a designer is that he or she is there to help make your dream home come to reality. This means that you will be working closely with this person, describing your wish list, and disclosing your budget limitations. Just because a designer comes with great recommendations and a great portfolio, it does not mean that you two will work well together. Interview several designers and find the one that matches your personality, listens to your wants, and also is willing to work within your budget.

If you are comfortable with your own design skills, layout what you plan on changing in your home. For example, if you want to re-design your living room,  take a step by step approach. Think about the color layout, furniture styles, and fixtures that you want fit into the room. Start at the beginning with a wall color and commit to this color. Go ahead and paint the walls in your living room with this color. If you still love the color, move on to furniture selection. Measure your room and draw the general layout of the room with doors and windows on a piece of paper. Bring you drawing to the furniture store with your paint color sample and start shopping. Take pictures and get dimensions of the furniture that you liked and bring them back home. Determine which items best fit your style and your space and make your selections. Once you get the furniture in your home, you can choose the accessories such as lamps, rugs, window coverings, and pictures. This same process can be used for every room in your home from bathrooms to bedrooms.

Designing your home can be fun, but it also can be overwhelming. If you like a design challenge, you will enjoy the time you will spend on your home. However, if this is just not appealing to you and you just want it done, consider getting a designer to lay it out for you and narrowing down your options into a cohesive plan.