Maintenance & Care

Maintenance & Care

Care & Maintenance

Tile is water resistant and easy to clean and with the right maintenance, tile floors, walls and countertops will last for years. Granite is the hardest of the polished stones commercially available and is used in high traffic areas. Marble is porous and easily stained so avoid setting beverage glasses directly on marble as they leave rings.

Basic Maintenance

Always sweep or vacuum floors to remove dust and debris before cleaning the tile or stone. Use a Damp mop once a week (or more if needed) to decrease the wear from abrasive grit and soil on your Tile, Granite or Marble Stone.

Glazed Tile

Clean regularly with an all-purpose, non-oil-based household cleaner that’s compatible with cleaning grout joints. Use an everyday multipurpose spray cleaner to remove soap scum, hard water deposits, and mildew on wall tiles in your bath or shower.

Unglazed Tile

Use concentrated tile cleaners that have a neutral pH for regular cleaning. These will safely remove grease, oils, and normal spills—just check to be sure the cleaner is intended for the application, use, and traffic level. Clean glass tile with any nonabrasive cleaner recommended for either glass or tile.


Clean marble regularly with a gentle cleaner for marble. Always clean up spills quickly with a non-abrasive gentle cleaner due to the porous nature of the marble stone. Marble is porous and easily stained so avoid setting beverage glasses directly on marble as they leave rings.


Clean Granite regularly with a gentle cleaner for granite that is specially formulated to protect and enhance the beauty of your granite. Even though granite is a hard stone, it still can be porous so clean up spills quickly.

Tips for Preventing Damage

Test cleaning products on a small area before cleaning the full area. Use a sealer on grout joints shortly after installation and use products compatible with cleaning grout joints. After cleaning, rinse the entire area with clear water to remove any cleaning solution residue. Have any damaged or broken tile removed and replaced only by a qualified tile contractor.

Tips on what to Avoid

Any cleaners containing acid or bleach shouldn’t be used for routine maintenance. Avoid wax-based cleaners and oil-based detergents, and use sealants on grout joints only. Do not use vinegar, bleach, ammonia or other general-purpose cleaners especially on Marble and Granite.Harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads or any scouring pads containing metal shouldn’t be used on tile. Unglazed tile should not be cleaned with an agent that contains color.

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