The installation process begins with a pre check to make sure that the foundation that the stone or tile will be mounted to is level.

This may involve shimming underneath the baseboard of cabinets or constructing a strong, level surface for the stone or tile.  If the surface is not level, the stone or tile can crack so this is one of the most important prep steps. Next, the slab will be placed on the cabinet or supporting structure and the edges of the slab will be adjusted to create a snug and level fit. The slab will be joined to the cabinet or supporting structure and any seams will be joined with a color matching epoxy. The last step is to apply a final sealer to the entire slab.

Carr Stone & Tile are professionals at installing stone and tile products with the detail and expertise that only skilled craftsman have developed through years of training and education. We understand that each project is unique and has challenges and we have the knowledge and expertise to make the final product a perfect design.