red-wine-and-marbleIf you’re a person that likes everything to be showroom perfect, then red wine and marble don’t mix. However, if you love a patina with a time worn look, then “Salut!” and enjoy your red wine. When we enjoy too much red wine, spills happen. When a spill happens, blot the wine up quickly with a damp dish cloth. If you achieve this in under 30 seconds, there might be a slightly dull spot but there will not be a stain on your polished marble surface. It takes approximately 4 hours for a slight stain to begin to set in. The longer the wine sets, the duller the spot will be from etching, then the stain will result after approximately 4 hours. However, a stain sets almost immediately on honed marble.

It is not advised to use an abrasive cleaner to clean the stain. Nor is it advised to use a bleach and ammonia mixture or anything that is acidic, such as a citrus or vinegar and water solution. However, a poultice can be made by mixing 12% hydrogen peroxide (the strength used to peroxide bleach hair) with talc powder to create a peanut butter- like consistency. Place some of the poultice on the stain, ½” thick, then cover it tightly with cling wrap and seal the edges with masking tape. Allow it to sit for 48 hours before removing the cling wrap, then allow it to sit for another day. Remove the poultice and clean the surface with dish soap and warm water. When it has thoroughly dried, the stain should have vanished. If it has not disappeared, then repeat the process.

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