Marble Floor Cleanup After A Flood

Floor, Marble FloorThe recent heavy rain storms and the rain associated with Hurricane Barry caused widespread flooding in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Many businesses Downtown and in Mid-City suffered from water damage during these weather events. Here are a few things you should know if the marble floor in your hotel lobby or home was flooded recently.

What You Should Do

First, clean your floor with disinfecting cleaner.  Remember,  that you should not use cleaning products on marble floors that contain acids because the acid will destroy the calcium carbonate and eventually turn your marble into sand. Vinegar should never be used to clean marble.

Try to get rid of the water on your marble floors as quickly as possible. When water sits on stone floors for a lengthy period of time, the stone floor isn’t just dirty, the stone has most likely been etched and has an overall patchy appearance. When this happens, you may have to hire a professional company to get the floor re-polished.

After flooding you may see some darker spots on your marble floors. This could mean the stone still has some moisture. Experts say it can take a month or longer for the stone to completely dry out.   If the dark spots do not go away after a month, you may have to consider replacement.

After water is removed from the home or building,  take a closer look at the floor and note if there are new cracks that have formed. Some wider cracks can be filled with an epoxy. However, if you notice many cracks, you should consider consulting a structural engineer.

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