How To Prepare For Your Countertop Installation

Kitchen Stone Counter TopsYou have chosen a new countertop for your kitchen and can’t wait for the installation. There are a few things you should keep in mind before the old countertop is replaced. Countertop installations are no easy task and installation time varies depending on the amount of space being replaced, and the material being used.

What To Do Before The Countertop Installation

While the old countertops are being taken out and the new ones are installed you won’t be able to use your kitchen. Make some alternative plans. Maybe get takeout or grill barbecue outside during that time. Easy dinners such as frozen pizzas, canned soups might also be a good idea during installation time.

Clear your old countertops before the workers arrive. Putting away blenders, toasters and other pieces that could get in the way will make the life of the installers much easier and allow them to work faster. Don’t forget to your drawers full of silverware. Not only will the utensils be out of the way, you will also have access to them while you cannot get into your kitchen.

Let contractors know where they can park.

Try to keep the mess to a minimum. Cover up your floors between your kitchen and your door. Installers can use those pathways if they need to get to their tools or other parts needed for the installation.

Talk to your installers. If they need room or any other prep work, they will let you now.

Carr Stone & Tile Installations

Our installation process begins with a pre-check to make sure that the foundation that the stone or tile will be mounted to is level. This may involve shimming underneath the baseboard of cabinets or constructing a strong, level surface for the stone or tile. If the surface is not level, the stone or tile can crack so this is one of the most important prep steps. Next, the slab will be placed on the cabinet or supporting structure and the edges of the slab will be adjusted to create a snug and level fit. The slab will be joined to the cabinet or supporting structure and any seams will be joined with a color matching epoxy. The last step is to apply a final sealer to the entire slab.

Carr Stone & Tile are professionals at installing stone and tile products with the detail and expertise that only skilled craftsman have developed through years of training and education. We understand that each project is unique and has challenges and we have the knowledge and expertise to make the final product a perfect design.

Carr Stone & Tile

Contact Carr Stone to consult with our expert sales staff or our in-house design coordinators to help you determine which stone or tile is the best application for your project at (504) 835-8453. We are located at 3200 Andover Street in Jefferson, Louisiana. Our showroom and display area are open daily, Monday through Friday, by appointment. Samples are available upon request. Visit for some design ideas.

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