What are Hard Water Stains?

Water spots are water deposits built up on your marble surface. These spots will occur when water containing mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium dries on the marble surface. After the water dries, it leaves behind these mineral deposits on your marble surface. Over time, more and more minerals will stack up and you will have a lot of tell-tale spots or dull water marks.

Is there a difference between Water Spots and Water Rings?

A big misconception occurs with “water spots” or “water rings” when marble owners misidentify a marble etch mark as a water mark. An etch mark is a physical change in the marble surface caused when an acidic agent chemically reacts with the marble and dissolves part of the marble. Etch marks and water deposits are two completely different kinds of marble surface “stains,” and therefore must be treated and removed with different procedures.

Etch Marks

Marble etch marks will commonly look like the shape of the object place on the surface like a wine glass ring. At etch mark physically alters the surface of the marble. A small part of the marble surface will literally dissolve away leaving tiny indentions in the surface. You can even feel it if your run your finger across the mark..it feels rough and similar to a scratch compared to the rest of the smooth surface.

Water Spots

Water spots are mineral deposits on the surface. They grow on top of the surface and build up on top off other deposited minerals. You can feel it if your rub your finger across the spot and it will feel raised.

There are many different types of solutions to clean hard water stains and etch marks from baking soda to commercial cleaners. Be careful with your chosen cleaning solution because some of them can cause even more damage. Click here to find out more about marble maintenance.

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