What Happens When Marble is Sprayed With An Acidic Cleaner?

Carr Stone & Tile Marble RestorationMarble needs special care and attention, especially when we’re trying to remove a stain. You wouldn’t want to cause damage to your marble by etching it with acidic cleaners. As you might be aware of, marble is not as hard as granite or quartz for example. It is easily marked because it is composed of calcium carbonate. There is a chemical reaction between the acid and the calcium carbonate causing a bit of the surface to wear away upon impact. These dull spots are what is known as etches. An etch is not a stain but an actual transformation of the stone’s surface. It’s like a scratch in so far as the surface is changed.

Acidic Floods & Beverages

There are acidic foods and beverages that you want to be careful with also on your marble surfaces. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, wine, and milk are examples of foods and the like that can etch marble. All-natural cleaning agents with inherent disinfecting properties, such as lemon and white vinegar, will instantly etch the surface of the marble leaving it dull, lack-luster, and weathered looking. However, there are marble restoration kits or etching repair kits that can be purchased to restore the shine and luster of your stone’s surface. Also, there are somethings you can try at home if the etching is not too extensive. Baking soda, a common household item, can be sprinkled on a fresh etch mark. The baking soda neutralizes the acid, and may begin foaming immediately upon application. Don’t be alarmed if it does! Just rinse the area well and repeat if necessary. If the etching is older, make a paste of baking soda and water, allowing the paste to remain for several minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Repeat this process if necessary.

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