Halloween Decor Ideas For Your Kitchen

Halloween is finally here which means it is time to give your kitchen a spooky look. Here are some ideas that are quick and easy. Best of all, your kids can help you spook up your kitchen.

Halloween Food

HalloweenMake some special treats for Halloween. Decorating your food in a Halloween fashion might even get the pickiest eaters to stop complaining. Halloween food does not always have to involve candy, you could give some healthier options a try this year.

HalloweenA fun and creative Halloween breakfast idea is scary oatmeal. Put your child’s oatmeal in a breakfast bowl and then decorate it using cocoa or cinnamon.  You could make a jack-o-lantern face or any other Halloween themed creatures including spiders or little witches.

Another cute idea could be child eating monster sandwich. Simply make a grilled cheese sandwich and when you cut it in half, cut out the teeth, or use cheese pieces cut in triangles for teeth. Use tomatoes or cucumbers for eyes. You could always get some red food coloring or beat juice to add some fake blood to any of your dishes.

Halloween Decor

Placing fake spiders everywhere will definitely add some Halloween feel to your kitchen. You could hide some in your fridge or pantry, others could be crawling out of your sink, all over your countertops and, of course, your kitchen table.  If you like to go that route consider putting up some spiderwebs as well.

Use dry ice for some mysterious fog flowing freely from your kitchens sink or out of a cooler is another good way to give your friends and family the  heebie-jeebies. Dry ice can create a fog-like effect for that extra spooky Halloween touch. However, before using dry ice make sure to read up on dry ice safety: http://www.uvm.edu/safety/lab/DryIce

If you are tired of the “ordinary” Jack-O-Lanterns, why not turn your pumpkins into a litter of black pumpkin cats? Just spray the pumpkin black, carve out a cat face and glue some felt triangles to the top for cat ears. Put a candle inside and a grinning cat will greet your visitors. Another way to give your pumpkins that extra edge: use glitter and glam your Jack-O-Lantern up a little. Just use glue and black glitter and let your kids come up with different designs. This makes for a fun project for the entire family.

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