Flagstone is a generic term used to describe sedimentary rocks split into layers and describes a variety of stone laid as “flags”. These pavers have been employed in various applications for centuries. It comes in a host of colors to work with your design scheme, and is utilized both indoors and outdoors. Types of stone included in this classification are Sandstone, Quartzite, Bluestone, Limestone, Travertine, Basalt, and Slate. Travertine, Quartzite, and Slate are extensively used around the Metro New Orleans area. Because it is natural stone, hardness and strength vary considerably. However, it blends quite well with natural surroundings, as well as compliments other types of stones and finishes. Use of these materials increases your home’s value because they are desirable and sought after.


When sedimentary or igneous rocks become a form of metamorphosed rock, such as Quartzite, the stone is durable, as well as resistant to rain and harsh chemicals. It has a non-slip surface, and is more stain resistant. Sandstone is more suitable for arid regions of the country. It has cooler surface temperatures during the summer. The densest varieties are weather resistant. Bluestone, primarily found in the Northeast region, is dense and durable, with a non-slip surface. It can withstand the harsh winter weather. Limestone is a wonderful choice for humid climates. This stone is weather resistant and enduring. Travertine is another wonderful alternative that is durable, high-end stone, which stays cool for outdoor surfaces. However, it is also a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms. Basalt is lightly textured, but has incredible insulating properties with great sound absorption. As Slate is very flaky, with an antique look, it is easy to cut and shape, making an excellent roofing material and cladding for exterior walls.

Maintenance for your flagstone depends on the one you select. Your stone specialist at Carr Stone will give you the best advice for maintaining your stone. Call us at (504) 835-8453 or contact us at for more information.