Fireplace Makeovers

fireplaceA fireplace is typically a focal point of a room. Redoing a fireplace can really impact the overall design and style of a room. Fireplaces can be modern or traditional and the type of tile or stone can completely change what type of fireplace design is created. When your fireplace has been neglected for a couple of years, it may have lost its appeal. Now you have several options to give it a makeover

Take A Look At Your Options

fireplace You do not have to plan a major construction project to give your fireplace the new look you desire.  Sometimes a coat of fresh paint on unfinished or previously painted brick could do the trick.

Covering up old brick with tile can give your fire place a new fresh and clean look. Tiles come in all colors and shapes which means you can make the fireplace fit perfectly with your current decor. Most wall tile is suitable for a fireplace. Ceramic withstands heat well and is durable enough to withstand the demands of the fireplace. You may want to select a thicker tile for the fireplace for extra durability.

A more involved  makeover could involve using marble, granite or other stone sheets to cover up old brick, or other old and dingy looking materials.  The slabs can be made out of any marble, which you can find in a stone yard. The surroundings can be cut into one large slab that has no seams when installed. An experienced stone fabricator will help you select the right stone for your project.

Carr Stone & Tile

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