Construction Obstacles For Older Homes

fabricating-stoneNew Orleans is not just a city with an old soul, it’s also a city with older homes. “Over time, nature catches up with even the most solidly built homes. Older homes are prone to a variety of foundation and structural problems, such as major cracks or unevenness in the slab or perimeter foundation wall; corrosion, dry rot, or moisture damage in pilings or concrete foundation supports; damaged piers (support footings); and dry rot or moisture damage in above-ground studs.” (

Generally speaking, unless a home is deemed uninhabitable by a structural engineer, these are problems are reparable, although extremely costly depending upon the degree of disrepair. But they are requisite before laying new stone flooring or putting in new stone countertops! Without a solid foundation, your beautiful new stone would not remain beautiful for very long.

New Orleans homes have character that has been influenced by the many different cultures that have lived and continue to live in the city. But, some homes have been designed with some unique construction obstacles. When it comes to bathroom and kitchen counters, angles are very important, especially when fabricating the stone. It is important to cut the stone for the house. Therefore, when an angle is just not quite 90 degrees, the stone needs to be cut to fit that not quite 90 degree angle. This expert level of craftsmanship is what separates Carr Stone & Tile from other fabricators.
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Our sales specialists and design associates can assist you with selecting the best materials for your budget with the beauty you deserve. We can consult with your architect or contractor to ensure we have everything we need to make our deliverables complete your home and make it the home of your dreams. For more information about how we can make your dreams come true, call us at (504) 835-8453 or contact us at for more information. From stone selection to installation, and even for repairs, we’re at your service.