‘Deep Clean’ Your Kitchen

Since you are probably stuck at home and probably bored, why not ‘deep clean’ your kitchen. This is a great project to get the family involved and get the annual spring cleaning out of the way. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is a good idea to maybe be a little more thorough this year. Right now, make sure to disinfect and sanitize frequently touched surfaces often.

How To Keep Your Countertops Clean & Great Looking, Deep Clean

Cupboards and Drawers

Get a step stool so you can reach even the cupboards that hold all the stuff you barely use. Using a spray bottle of cleaner, de-grease the tops of your cupboards. Make sure to also use a disinfectant. You will be amazed how much dust has been collecting there. Working one cupboard or drawer at a time, remove the contents and clean the interior. Once the inside is clean, disinfect spray and wipe the exterior, including handles. Don’t forget to get the hinges, as greasy dust collects there as well.


Before getting started, make sure to remove everything from your countertops. Be very careful choosing your cleaners, because some may damage your tiles or natural stone countertops. Do not use cleaners that contain Acid. Acid will eat through your tile and may remove the finish. Avoid Wax-based cleaners and oil based detergents. DO NOT USE vinegar, bleach, ammonia, or other general purpose cleaners especially on marble or granite tiles. Harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads or any scouring pads containing metal shouldn’t be used on tile. Un-glazed tile should not be cleaned with an agent that contains color. Test cleaning products on a small area before cleaning the full area. After cleaning, rinse the entire area with clear water to remove any cleaning solution residue. If you are not sure what to use to disinfect your countertops call the experts at Carr Stone and Tile.

Spring Kitchen Cleaning Tips, Deep Clean


Wipe off the bottom of smaller appliances before placing them back on your now clean countertops. Boil a cup of water in your microwave first and let it sit for minute or so, then use baking soda or your preferred cleaner to get rid of stubborn spills. Don’t forget to disinfect your microwave door handle. Clean your stove top first before attacking the oven. Also, do not forget to clean in between your stove and your countertops and behind your oven (if you can get there). Food and spills in those areas can attract pests including cockroaches. Clean inside and outside the oven door. Pull out all food from your fridge and freezer and while you are at it, trash any food that is expired or old. Wipe down the shelves and do not forget to wash the ice tray. Vacuum the fridge coils and thoroughly clean the area behind and around your refrigerator. Your dishwasher may need a cleaning as well.  Wipe down and disinfect  its inside and outside and run it empty on a high-heat sanitizing cycle.