New Year’s Resolution: Decluttering Your Bathroom

Decluttering you bathroom - Carr Stone & TileThe new year inspires a lot of change from weight loss and gym memberships to purging the entire home of unwanted items. But, sometimes it is better to start smaller, and it may lead to more success. Let’s start with one of the most important rooms in the home… Decluttering Your Bathroom.

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it seems to store a lot of stuff. You may not be a hoarder, but as you look at your stockpile of almost empty shampoo bottles and loose Q-tips at the bottom of cabinet drawers, you may want to try to do a little bit of downsizing.

Check out these four steps:

Start with a Box

Bathroom Sink - Carr Stone marbleGet a box or plastic container and take everything out of your bathroom and store them into the box (s). This will let you see your bathroom in a new light, free of counter clutter and empty storage cabinet (s). Take this opportunity to wipe everything down and inspect your drawers and even you plumbing for leaks.

Out with the old, Store the new

No matter how much counter space and cabinet space you have in your bathroom, there will never really be enough. Therefore, if you do not use it or you have already replaced it, get rid of it. As you go through your box(s), inspect all of your makeup products to see if it still usable or if you have even used it. Check expiration dates, broken items, and get rid of old toothbrushes. Keep it up, until you have all useful products.

Take Inventory

Now that you have determined all of your useful products, it is time to determine which of those you actually need. Take inventory of your shampoos, nail polishes, makeup and simply reduce them. If you find that you have multiple nail polishes that are all the same color, keep two. You may have spent a lot of money on a luxury product, don’t let that price tag keep you from discarding it or at least moving it to the front of the cabinet so you will remember to use it.

Organize Everything

Not everything is worthy of being on the counter in the bathroom. Determine which of your remaining items deserve to be on the counter. Think about the items that you use every single day that you would like to be readily accessible like your toothbrush and vitamins. Next, figure out what items you would like to go into the drawers (if you have them). Consider getting cosmetic organizer trays or drawer partitions to help use all available space.  Once you have finished the drawers, move to the back of the cabinet and then move forward. Consider getting bathroom totes and other items to help sort and store all of your bathroom products.

If you have successfully made it through the above four steps for decluttering your bathroom, give yourself a pat on the back because you have started the New Year out with a great accomplishment.