Carr Stone Kitchen Design Tips: Place Outlets Below Cabinets

Whether you are considering a cozy cottage look or a sleek modern style for your new kitchen outlets tend to ruin almost any design. Unfortunately,  pretty much everything you love in life from your KitchenAid to your iPhone plugs into the wall. There is a simple trick to keep your style consistent while still having all outlets for your favorite gadgets. Just place the outlets below your cabinets. This also keeps them away from water sources like your kitchen sink. Keeping outlets out of sight will improve the look of your kitchen.

Endless Options For Your Kitchen

There are many different options to consider when determining the best kitchen countertops, and Kitchen backsplashes. Do you prefer tile or stone or even a combination of both? The experts at Carr Stone can help you narrow the types of finishes that meet your style and function expectations. Let Carr Stone & Tile help you make the best kitchen finish selections for your home.  You might want to consider natural stone for your countertops. Keep in mind that the stone should nonabsorptive, resist stains, and be heat and impact resistant.


Marble is very popular for fireplaces, counter-tops, bar-tops, and bathrooms, and comes in a wide range of colors and styles. It can stain, etch or scratch, but only becomes more beautiful over time and use. Most marble has veining mineral deposits throughout. It is generally thought to be from Italy, but in actuality it is quarried all over the world. Tumbled marble has become very popular for back-splashes, flooring and shower areas.
marble has veining


Granite is composed of a variety of minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and mica. It forms in hundreds of colors, and is quarried worldwide, but most often from Brazil, Spain, India and China. Granite is highly heat, scratch and stain resistant, and is commonly used to face commercial and institutional buildings and monuments. Granite is the traditional favorite of countertop materials for its unique colors and patterns, proven durability and lasting value.Granite scratch and stain resistant


Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcite and aragonite. Certain types of limestone may contain small fossils and marine skeletal fragments that give the stone a natural, organic element. The Great Pyramid in Egypt contains an outer covering of limestone. Popular uses include flooring, interior and exterior wall cladding, fireplaces and backsplashes. The static coloring among slabs makes it a popular choice for both current and future projects that contain expansion plans.

Our specialists at Carr Stone will give you the best advice for purchasing stone flooring and instruct you on the required maintenance.

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