Carr Stone Kitchen Design Tip: What Kind Of Countertop

What Makes a beautiful Granite Countertop?When it comes to kitchens, there are endless ways to design them. Whether you are considering a cozy cottage look or a sleek modern style, Carr Stone & Tile can help you bring all of the details together.  There are many different options to consider when determining the best kitchen countertop. Do you prefer tile or stone? Carr Stone & Tile can help you narrow down the types of finishes that meet your style and function expectations. Let Carr Stone & Tile help you make the best kitchen finish selections for your home. When it comes to counterops, there are a variety of materials you can choose from. They all differ in looks, durability and, of course, price.

Finding The Right Material


Quarts is currently one of the most durable kitchen countertop materials. It is rather expensive, but pretty much indestructible. However, edges can chip and you’ll need to hire a professional to repair them. The material which is a combination of mineral, color and raisin comes in a variety of colors.

Favorite countertop material


Granite is very a tough material which is very heat resistant. It also can chip and  then needs to be repaired professionally. Oil can seep into the countertop if it is not sealed properly. The material is a natural stone, so your countertop may not look exactly like the sample and seams sometimes can be hard to hide.

marble has veining

Soapstone, Limestone, and Marble

Soapstone is very resistant to heat damage. Small scratches can be repaired by sanding. Limestone has a natural-stone look and it’s also resists heat. Soapstone chips and scratches easily. Limestone and marble share those features and heat can damage marble.


Tiles come in a wide variety of colors and styles which means you can completely customize the look.  The material is tough, heat resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles aren’t very expensive, but tiles can crack if something heavy drops on them. A broken tile needs to be taken out and replaced.

Carr Stone & Tile

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