Carr Stone & Tile - Glass TileMaintaining glass tile is somewhat easy. The most important rule of thumb is to remember not to use harsh chemicals or heavy duty brushes to clean your tile. Bleach should never be used if you do not have white grout, because the color of the grout will fade. Instead use a mild cleanser with little acidity, and a sponge or soft brush, to clean your beautiful glass tiles. Maintain the luster by polishing the tiles with a clean, soft cloth after rinsing the tiles with warm water. Polishing the tiles will remove water spots and streaking, or prevent it from occurring. Your tiles will sparkle and shine!

A great mixture to use as a cleaning agent is to combine, in a spray bottle, mild soap and water or equal parts of white vinegar and water. To avoid residue from forming, it is imperative to rinse with warm water and buff with the soft cloth until dry. Bathrooms are subjected to mildew, mold, and soap scum. Kitchen backsplashes are more apt to be subjected to dirt and grime. If wiped down on a regular basis, these culprits can be avoided.

Glass tiles are an incredibly durable surface. However, the grout is more delicate. If you notice a little spot where grout is missing, it is imperative to fill it in. Moisture can build up beneath the tile, creating a habitat for old and mildew. Should you use a stiff brush to clean your tile surfaces, it could weaken the grout by scratching or gouging it over time.

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