Bathtub & Shower Caulking Tips

CaulkHave you noticed some mold under the caulking of your bathtub or shower? You have tried scrubbing and bleaching the spots, but since the mold is growing under the old caulking, you can’t really get to it. Now is the time to re-caulk your shower or bathroom. Here are a few tips on how to do it right:

Remove Old Caulking Properly

First, you need to apply some caulk remover to get rid of the old caulking. There are several products available at home improvement retailers. It is important to remove the old caulking completely to get to the mold underneath. Also, there is obviously moisture collecting under the old layer which means it is not sealing properly any longer. The longer you wait (most products recommend 2-3 hours) the better. If you have more than one layer of caulk that you need to remove, consider waiting 24 hours. It is best to use a caulk remover to pry the old caulking loose. If you use sharp tools, be very careful not to damage your tub or shower. The caulking should come off in long strips. You may need to use some thin pliers to get all of it out. Clean all the caulk out completely. Clean the surface using alcohol. Now it is time to kill any mold that may have collected under the old caulking. Mix 1/3 cup of bleach with a gallon of water and wash the area. Make sure it is completely dry before applying new caulk.

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