Mood lighting may be great for the bedroom, but it can be awful for bathroom lighting.

Carr Stone & Tile Vanity with MarbleMost people place a lot of emphasis on lighting in the living room or kitchen, but give little consideration to bathroom lighting. Often, there is just a single ceiling fixture or vanity light that is suppose to do it all, no matter how large the bathroom. The bathroom is the room where you are most likely going to start and end your day, so let’s start with an illuminated bathroom.

Light in Layers

A bathroom is a very complex room to design because it involves a lot of planning. The layout must be planned to incorporate the shower and/or tub, vanity(s), mirror (s), toilet, and of course lighting.  As you are selecting your shower tiles or granite countertops for your bathroom design or remodel, don’t forget about your lighting plan.  A lighting plan should never be an after thought, but should be a part of your initial bathroom design. Illumination opportunities are lost if they are not thought out prior to walls being closed.  A Lighting plan consists of a series of layers. Consider identifying where you would like ample light, like the shower, versus where you need overall lighting.

Task Lighting

The vanity light is one of the most important fixtures in the bathroom. This fixture works the hardest to illuminate the head and face for grooming. The most common mistake people make when designing bathrooms is to place recessed ceiling lighting directly over the mirror. These cast shadows on the face and make it difficult to apply makeup and shave daily.

The shower is another important area for task lighting, but a dedicated fixture may not be necessary if you have a smaller bathroom. Consider adding a recessed light with a  glass lens designed for moist/humid climates.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is basically a filler. It helps to light areas not covered by task lighting and also substitutes for natural light. The ambient lighting is the switch you will most often flip on and off as you enter and leave the bathroom.

Lighting Consideration

Blubs – There are a variety of bulb styles and shapes available on the market in all types of voltage. Consider looking into a crisp white light because it renders skin tones more accurately than other options.

Dimmer – Consider adding a dimmer to your bathroom lighting plan. They control the lighting to help create a calming mood, plus they conserve energy.

Safety – Pay attention to the location of all of your fixtures and switches. Aesthetics are extremely important, but there are safety rules that you should consider prior to starting the electrical party of your lighting plan. Consult a certified electrician before tacking your project.

If you need help planning your bathroom remodel, call the Carr Stone & Tile team. We would love to help you select all of your tile, countertops, flooring and more. Stop by our showroom and see our huge selection.