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Stone Flooring For Residential Flooring

What types of stone flooring best suited for residential flooring and why? The types of stone best suited for residential flooring give us the distinct impression of being perpetual and having a style that exceeds any other flooring material available in the marketplace. Stone flooring materials are timeless, classic, natural, and perennially [...]

What are the outdoor kitchen trends for 2018?

The trends for outdoor kitchens in 2018 will knock your socks off! With more and more people desiring outdoor living areas, the latest outdoor kitchen trend includes fully functioning outdoor kitchens equipped with dual-function grills, pizza ovens, and all of the other add-ons a person can imagine. There has been an increase [...]

What is FENG SHUI and how does it apply to the Kitchen

What is FENG SHUI and how does it apply to the Kitchen? The practice of Feng Shui has been in existence for over 6000 years. It is a scholarly combination of physics, philosophy, astrology, and astronomy, which is closely related to Taoism. There are several perceptions that Taoism [...]

Benefits of a kitchen remodel for home sales

Let’s face it, the kitchen in your home can make or break a sale! How does your home sale benefit from a kitchen remodel? There are buyers that want to purchase a turnkey home, and then there are others who are willing to undertake a few projects. However, no one wants to pay [...]

Why is it important to buy extra tile for a project?

Your floor was tiled 5 years ago, and now you have a few cracked tiles that need to be replaced. The tiles you have purchased may have been the “end of the line” and have been discontinued. Do you replace the entire floor? It’s not necessary if you planned for overages and have stored [...]

What is the difference between commercial grade and residential grade tile?

COMMERCIAL GRADE TILE Commercial grade tile is designed to withstand the highest level of foot traffic, all the while maintaining its beauty.   The benefits of commercial grade porcelain tile: One of the longest wearing types of floors available in the marketplace. Both moisture and stain resistant; fade resistant options are available. Quite easy [...]

What are the best materials for outdoor floors and countertops?

Outdoor Cooking Area: What are the best materials for outdoor floors and countertops? Lifestyle Outdoor dining has become a large part of our lifestyle as more and more families entertain at home. Televisions have also become a major component of these outdoor entertaining areas. Therefore, outdoor countertops are generally 30 [...]

Protecting Your Countertop During the Holidays

Protecting Your Countertop During the Holidays Let’s face it, accidents happen!  Your well-meaning friend opens another bottle of red wine, and clumsily spills a little while removing the cork.  A cousin insists on helping in the kitchen and places a hot pot directly onto the countertop. You’ re jotting down information and the ink from [...]


How did tiles originate?

How did tiles originate? A historical perspective A tile is simply a fabricated fragment of a durable component such as ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass. However, tile can also refer to comparable pieces composed of feather-weight components most likely used for wall and ceiling treatments. Some semblance of ceramic tile has been [...]

How do Marble, Granite and Quartz form

Contact Carr Stone to consult with our design coordinators to help you determine which material is the best application for your project at (504) 835-8453. We are located at 3200 Andover Street in Jefferson, Louisiana. Our showroom and display area are open daily, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 4pm. Samples are available [...]

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