Bathroom Countertops can be fun. The most important room in the house is probably the kitchen. When we design a kitchen, we think about the counters, edge design, and finish. We can do the same think for a bathroom and make it at least the second most important and beautiful room in the home.

Let’s look at 5 bathroom counters materials and discuss the features and benefits of each type.

bathtubGood:  Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles have been around for a long time and will continue to be used for bathroom designs. The most obvious benefit is cost. Ceramic tile is cheaper than granite but you can also get granite tile and it is cheaper than a granite slab. Tile can be a DIY project because it is easy to transport, design, cut and grout. But, like any DIY project, it can still be difficult, so consider this before jumping into a huge tiling project.

Good:  Laminate Countertops

Laminate has changes since the days of the old peeling, cheap looking counters. Laminates are affordable and can almost pass for granite or other natural stone. Laminate counters are best used for bathrooms that are not used often or if you are flipping a home. It has a nice look for the price.

Better:  Man-made counter tops

Today’s man-made solid-surface materials look great today. Many of the options like Caesarstone offer flexibly and can handle abuse. There are a variety of color and luster options to choose from and is a nice step up from ceramic or laminate countertops.

Better-To-Best:  Granite Slab or Marble counters

Granite and marble counters will always be beautiful. If you may want to splurge for one room, a small bathroom maybe the best place to incorporate a beautiful natural stone. Granite is a harder stone than marble. Natural stone requires some maintenance, so research each type of stone, before you make a decision.

Better-To-Best:  Quartz Bathroom CountertopsBathroom - marble

If you like Granite and Marble, but do not want the hassle of maintenance, quartz may be the best option for your bathroom. Quartz is durable and comes in a variety of colors.


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